about lessons

Why me?

I am a qualified professional teacher (Associate of the London College of Music) with more than 45 years experience of helping both children and adults with playing the guitar.

I have taught in a wide range of educational establishments as well as privately in my home and am interested in taking you on whether you are a complete beginner with no musical experience at all, or a player with some experience who is looking to improve.

All I ask of my pupils is that they realize learning to play the guitar well takes time and patience – lots of it!

I am fully committed to offering the best of care and support to all of my pupils. Please contact me personally as soon as any issues or problems arise so that we can resolve them amicably and quickly.


What happens?

You will learn fingerstyle (as opposed to plectrum) guitar-playing. Most of my pupils use a “classical” guitar – one with nylon (rather than metal) strings, but this does not mean you will study only classical music. All styles can be covered apart from heavy rock and flamenco. I do not consider myself sufficiently expert to teach in these fields.

The majority learn on a one-to-one basis, though compatible pupils can sometimes learn in pairs, or even groups of three (especially in schools).

Most of my private (as opposed to school) pupils come to my house for their weekly (or fortnightly) lesson. If need be, I can visit you in your own home, at a small extra cost.

In addition to developing an efficient technique, all my pupils learn to read music and understand basic music theory as applied to guitar.



Many opt to pursue a course through the 8 music exam grades.

Exam sessions take place three times a year in Kirton-in Lindsey.

Working towards an exam provides a clear sense of direction as well as professional assessment of progress.


Other General Points

I am a great believer in the importance of playing by both eye and ear, by which I mean being able to read music as well as being able to work tunes out by ear and acquire a basic ability to improvise.

As a rule I don’t take children younger than six. There is no upper age limit, though if you are getting on a bit, and are a complete beginner you might have to have rather modest aspirations!

A small proportion of the population (about 4%) are seriously lacking in musical instincts. If you struggle to keep a steady beat and find it impossible to sing in tune, then it may be that the guitar is not for you. I can give you an honest appraisal of your potential within the first half hour of tuition – which is free of charge by the way.

Although learning an instrument can be hard work, I always strive to make the lessons as enjoyable as I can – both for your sake and mine!