A message to all my pupils

I do hope you are making good use of all that spare time
you have as a result of the coronavirus restrictions.
This is an opportunity to put in some serious practice!
Please click on ‘lessons’ (above) and you will
find a wealth of useful material to help you.


I am here any time you want help with anything, including broken strings, or simply tuning an out of tune guitar – such things can be easily fixed by coming to my house. No need for us to break the 2 metre rule. You can phone or email to arrange a time and I’ll make sure I’m available.

Lost your book or sheet music? I can replace. Forgotten how to read the notes?! Call me for guidance. Although you’re not having lessons as such, I will do whatever it takes to enable you to continue your daily practice effectively.

                                                                                 Ray Hume


TURTLEDOVE – for your special occasion
guitar / violin / vocal harmony

07814840682  or rayhume0@gmail.com

and also…

Blue Moon