Exams provide a clear target and are a good way of ensuring progress is being made. Trinity College London administers the guitar exams for which I enter my pupils here in the Grimsby area. There is no longer exam centre in Grimsby so most of my pupils take their exams at the Scunthorpe Centre which is actually located in Kirton-in-Lindsey.

Things to remember about  exams:-

a) Parents

1.  Once we have agreed that it’s appropriate for your child to enter for an exam, be sure you know when the deadline is for paying the entry fee (see below) and let me have payment in good time .

2.  Put the exam date in your diary as soon as you know it. You will be notified as regards the precise time of your exam approximately 2 or 3 weeks before the day of the exams.

3.  When you know the time of the exam, make sure arrangements are in place to transport your child to and from the exam venue, and that you arrive 15 minutes early. Unless your child is doing grade 5 or above, the whole thing will be over within less than the time you’ve been sitting nervously, waiting for them to go in!

b) Kids 

1.  Practice practice practice. Oh, and make sure you know what you are required to do apart from playing your three main pieces of music.

2.  Don’t get too worried. Most people pass OK and you have to be REALLY BAD to fail!

3.  Don’t think of all the things that might go wrong. It’s not the case that you lose a mark for every little mistake you happen to make. The examiner wants you to pass and wants you to convey a feeling that you enjoy playing your guitar and you enjoy the pieces you have chosen to perform. So do just that. Relax! It’s only a silly old guitar exam!

Several weeks after you’ve done the exam you will receive a very posh certificate to verify that you have passed – something to look forward to and be proud of, when it comes.